Friday, December 16, 2011

they dont control you

 dont give up on anything. dont let anyone keep you from doing what you love. as long as it does not hurt others, then they dont have the to right to. 
  its your life. your in charge of your own life. when someone starts to breath, eat, sleep, walk, for you. then thats when they can control you. because it sounds like they are you. 
  teachers, friends, parents, are there to support you at what ever you do. not to make you do things you dont want to do. if they say "you cant do that", "you have to do this". then give them the finger an say "fuck you". dont take shit from nobody. it might seem like sometimes you dont have a choice. well guess what, YOU DO! 
 stay strong, stand up for what you be leave in, dont let other people tell you other wise .

  but there is a bad side to this. i hate it when people say, "they made me do it". thats bull! no one can make you do anything. u have a choice to lessen to them or not. you have a brain, (i hope) use it! if it sounds stupid just walk away, or tell them no and do something else. because at the end. you are probably going to b the one that gets hurt, or in trouble. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

my friend, we love you!

 this week at school, my friend has had really bad issues, i had to skip home room and most of 1st period to comfort her.  for a few months this has been going on. and i have been telling her that its not ok but she wouldn't lissen to me. 
 her boy friend has been really mean to her. now, he has not hit her, but he has been hurting her emotionally. her daddy died a few years ago so she went to this camp thing for people that have lost a parent. an she was trying to tell her bf about it, but he would not lessen and was talk about these girls he was hanging out with all weekend.  when she told him how she felt about him and that she loved him. and she feels like he is ignoring her and not caring what she wants. he said she was lieing and that maybe they should brake up. he called her a bitch like 5 times. i told her that this is not right an not healthy, and that she should get out of it. but she wouldn't lessen. it hurt me to see her always so upset. she kept saying that she wanted to let go but couldn't. that she loved him to much. 
  a few days ago she broke up with him! i was so proud of her. then are friend set her up with someone. but then she found out that he didnt really like her :(. then her ex asked out are friend.i cantbe leave that he even had the fucken nerve to do that to her! we saw it coming, but i still could not beleave it. 
  she keeps telling me that she misses him, and she wants him back. it hurts me to see her cry. i love her so much. shes one of my best friends. when im upset or one of are other friends are, she is the one to comfort us. so for us to comfort HER. it just is a big differences. i keep telling her that i know its hard. that i know it hurts like shit now. but you would be in more pain with him then with out him. i just hope she can do it. she is on my mind all the time! i just want to know that shes going to be  ok! is that to much to ask!

                                                                                                  we love you anna marrie!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

stay strong

  no body can take what you dont give them. so dont let nobody have control over are your own person, and you have control over YOUR self. people cant tell you what you have to think, eat, ware, say, ex. unless YOU let them. 
  dont let no body keep you from doing what you are made to do. stay strong. stand up for what you believe in. you dont have to take shit from someone, just walk away. never let anyone tell you that you dont matter, that nobody cares about you. you have the same about of right to be here as they do. dont let them trick you into thinking otherwise.

                                                                                  stay strong

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

why do you care

  why do you care what i do, its my life! no one asked you to be apart of it. i can were what i want, eat what i want, and do what the hell i want with my life. its my life! not your's. 
   i dont think its fair that we can be born into the worst things possible.  but what i think u have to remember is that, no one can bring you down. only if you let them.